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I want to draw something new, but I can't decide on what I want to do. Which kind of series would you like to suggest to me and see me illustrate on my free time? (I mean outside of commissions work) (Pick a series and character in the comments) 

37 deviants said Game Characters
26 deviants said Anime Characters
10 deviants said Comic book characters
7 deviants said Cartoon Characters
4 deviants said Other
Hello, friends! Moments ago, I signaled that I would be opening my new season of commissions bidding shortly by the end of the month. I even gave everybody an option to note me ahead of time on what they would like to request from me when the opening arises. Since I got a handful of requests in just the span of a day, I have decided to just open the comm list now. I'll just be starting on them around the first half of April. At least this way I can utilize my remaining time on the last of my previous commissions list, and then maybe get a quick rest until the big day. So okay, you're all welcome to place your bid. Forewarning though, the wrestling scene category has already filled up fast.

So then, these are the categories that I have laid out for the year:

Commissions Spring 2017-2 by YomiTrooper

And here's what we have currently available or filled:

1) :icondevidboy: Yagyu vs Haruka from Senran Kagura (
indian death lock hanging tree)
2) :icontalotman: Ruler (Fate/Grand Order) vs Luviagelita (Fate/stay night) (figure four leg lock)
3) :iconyakiniku63080: Spank Wrestling scene (Natsuki vs Shino/ This time, Natsuki will be winning)

1) :iconarchivistomega: Milly Strong
2) :iconlyannapelon: Natasha Loclear (and Amaya) in the ring
3) :iconveherzak:
Isabel 'Isa' Armstrong and Isabela 'Bela' Carrow
1) :iconacuyra: Valley Doll

1) :iconshinhezekiah: Alice of KOFXIV rendered unconsious

user - 沈黙の翼: Super Robot Wars J ((Katia Grignar, Melua Melna Meia, and Festenia Muse)
2) user - CROSS: Monster Hunter Series (Both Kirin Armored and Nargacuga Armored Females)
3) user - ハルカ: Phantasy Star Online 2 (Rina Izumi and Gene in new Smart-inner outfits?)
4) user - 蜜柑: Suisei no Gargantia (Saaya, Amy and Melty in swimsuits)
5) user - ドレイク: Pokemon's Francesca sitting in a chair


WRESTLING SCENES - For illustrations that depict male or female wrestlers performing various actions and moves. Often, these kinds of illustrations require a minimum of two characters to capture the heart of the sport. It also takes a chunk of time and research to just create one, so I can only accept three entries at a time.

OC ILLUSTRATIONS - For illustrations of characters created conceptually for one's own purposes and stories. This is often a no-brainer category for some artists, but a rather vague one for me. For starters, I don't really want to do any characters made to coexist with popular fictional universes like the Sonic the Hedgehog or MLP series. I don't hate those series, but this is just something that can make me cringe from some people, sorry to admit. Let's just say I want to draw characters created by people and meant to tell their own creative and individual stories or worlds (-minus crossover fantasies). In addition with OCs, I don't want to draw anybody with too many hybrid traits right now, like fox-eared angel girls or pony-people with devil wings, or cat-people with dog tails and rabbit paws, etc. I know I've done some of those already, but right now I want to teeter away from those kinds of characters and concentrate on some choices with more complex and inventive features or qualities. I'll explain to you better about what I'm trying to imply if that was your choice of OC for me.

CHARACTER SHEET - For the purpose of constructing a character and composing their qualities and depth from front to back and so on. This is perhaps the most exhausting kind of project for me to work on, so I'm limiting it to 1 slot. Sorry to say, but this category will often require the most patience to occupy. In addition to that, I am only accepting characters that have a well though out biography and design, or have a lot of artwork already drawn to depict their charm. In other words, I don't want to create your characters for you, I only would like to improve on them in favor.

GAME/COMIC/ANIME ILLUSTRATIONS - For illustrations of popular characters and settings from various comics, video games, tv series, anime, etc. Some characters and series I may not want to draw for personal reasons, so if you want me to draw somebody I don't really like or respect, I hope you can understand.

PIXIV PROJECTS - A section for my fans on my pixiv account that request works from me as well.

(NEW) COMIC PAGE COMMISSIONS - Basically, I am now open to try and draw comic stories. Just tell me what kind of story you'd like me to illustrate (say like a wrestling chapter or a love story, comedy, doujin, etc.), who the main characters are, and how many pages to make, and if I consider the project possible, I'll get to work on it. Since this is a new direction I'm taking, the projects and process could get rusty, so bear with me if it is something you really want to see happen.

More categories may come into fruition in the future, but for now, this is the best I can offer.

Pricing details for everything are seen below:

-Bust sketch (pencil/characters up to chest): $7 each
-Full sketch (pencil/entire bodied characters or up  to knee  or thigh length): $7 or 560 points each
-Line Art (digital/full or bust characters): $12  each
  -Any sketch backgrounds for line or sketch art is free of charge is desired.

-Full Color bust (digital): $20 + $5 more for each additional character
-Full Color character (digital/entire body or up to thigh length of character): $30 + $5 more for each additional character
  -All backgrounds I'll add myself, so thet'll be free again, but if you want a specific detailed background or perspective choice of back, it is an additional $10 and the transaction will be cash only, no points.

-COMIC PAGES (Manga style): $25 for first page + $10 for each additional page
-COMIC PAGES (Full color style): $40 for first page + $15 for each additional page

If these prices seem too high for you, negotiations are acceptable, but not guaranteed.

Finally, some restrictions and limitations must be addressed for my gallery.

-Please refrain from asking me to draw OCs that are Anthropomorphic. I can do anthros from game and show properties that are well-known like Star Fox, TMNT and even Disney characters for example; but I don't want to jump into a habit of making mostly furry-content, and I feel most anthro-OCs aren't going to work around that.

-Nothing highly-pornographic please (A little ecchi is okay though)

- I'm a little selective with approving crossovers between official characters from different official series, so I won't always allow those kinds of ideas, but otherwise, I can be okay with some. We'll talk more on it in notes.

Anyway, there you have it. Commissions are now open, and business will start in April. You're welcome to contact me with a note, on twitter, on pixiv, and wherever else I am about what you'd like to commission from me. If you get accepted onto my list, please hold off on your payments until I am ready to start on your select projects. As always, thanks for your help and support, and here's to a new season of works and projects!
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